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Buying a business

Buying a business is an important decision: you are sure to do a lot of searching for the right business and you will have many questions.

We can help make your search easier and help match you with the best business to suit your budget and goals.

We'll share our business knowledge with you, guide you through the buying process and ensure a fair outcome for both you and the seller.

Learn more about businesses that interest you

We want to make it easy for you to find out more about the businesses that interest you. That's why we've set up an easy online system where you can request a business profile.

This system also protects our business sellers, making sure that their financial information remains confidential.

Receiving a business profile is just 4 clicks away:

  1. Browse or search Businesses for sale
  2. Click on the name or photo of any business you are interested in
  3. Then click on the 'Request a business profile' button
  4. Fill in the online Confidentiality Agreement and click on the 'Send' button

Once you have completed this process, you will receive an email back with a downloadable link which contains the business profile. In some instances, due to a higher confidentiality requirement, the profile will be sent to you manually; if this is the case you will receive the profile during our business hours.

We welcome international buyers

We welcome international buyers who are interested in investing in a South Australian business.

Our team understands the needs of international buyers. We can guide you through federal and state government requirements, sponsorship programs and the different classes of business migrant visas.

Because we are based in South Australia, we can attend inspections with you or on your behalf, and we have ready access to translators.

We will help you to make investing in a South Australian business as straightforward and rewarding as possible.

Specialised buyer services

At Raine & Horne Business Sales, we can provide you with a range of specialised buyer services:

Contracts: Writing a contract for a buyer and seller who have agreed on a private sale.

Price option: Providing a business appraisal if you find a business for sale privately or with another agent.

Business plans: Developing a business plan that's often required by your financial institution or landlord.

Helpful videos

Watching our videos is a quick way to answer many of your questions about buying a business.

How to calculate goodwill when selling a business

Goodwill is the value of a business over and above the value of the assets — it includes the name, structure, staff, brand recognition, customer base and more.

Most of the businesses we sell include an important goodwill component. It's helpful for both buyers and sellers to understand how goodwill is calculated.

Things to consider when buying a motel

Buying a motel provides a lifestyle opportunity that is very attractive to business owners.

David Hutchinson from Raine & Horne Business Sales talks about what to look for when buying a motel business.

Top 10 myths about buying and selling a business

Did you know that the size or turnover of a business doesn't determine its value? Or that value doesn't increase over time?

Simon Winter from Raine & Horne Business Sales breaks down these and other common myths about buying and selling a business.

What does a business broker do and how can they help?

Many people aren't sure what a business broker actually does!

This video explains what we do and how a Raine & Horne business broker can guide you through the process of buying or selling a business to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Helpful articles

Raine & Horne Business Sales' own blog posts include lots of helpful information about different aspects of buying a business.

Click on any of the article names to read them.

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Costs associated with buying a business

Helpful links

These links will take you to other websites with helpful information and services.


This is the Australian Government's business website, which includes lots of useful information.

Buying an established business business

Coming to Australia to start a business

Finance for your business

Helpful contacts

Visa information for international buyers

Migration Expert has offices around the world and helps people to apply for an Australian visa.

Their website has information on the different types of Australian business visas and includes a free online assessment to work out if you are eligible to apply.

Conveyancers and finance brokers

These are conveyancers and finance brokers that Raine & Horne Business Sales regularly uses and recommends.


Psarro & Allen Reg Conveyancers

McKay Business Services