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1. To receive a business valuation for your business please complete the form below:

2. You will be contacted during working hours to discuss and review the specific nature of the valuation and recommendations will be provided on the type of valuation that best suits your circumstances. An inspection time will be arranged (if appropriate) and you will be emailed a schedule of additional specific information required to complete the valuation.

3. If you agree to proceed we will send you an email confirming the agreed terms of the valuation for you to sign and return. The email will include our bank account details.

4. Once the Additional Information is received and the account is paid in full  the valuation will be completed within 1 week for a short form valuation or 2 to 3 weeks for a long for valuation.

Note: If a valuation is in a concise form it is not always necessary to do an inspection of the premise being valued. Long form valuations will always require an inspection and any costs incurred with respect to travel outside of the city of Adelaide will be added to the cost of the valuation.