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Selling your business

Selling your business is a very important and often emotional decision. After years (and sometimes a lifetime) of hard work building your business, you have decided to move on. You may be ready for your next business venture, or it may be time to enjoy your well-earned retirement.

We understand this is a major decision and that you need the best possible return for your business so you can enjoy the next stage of your life. We also know that you will have many questions:

Is my business saleable?
How much is my business really worth?
How long will my business take to sell?

This is where a Raine & Horne professional business broker can help. We are based in Adelaide and we specialise in selling all types of businesses (not houses) all over South Australia.

We use our expertise and local knowledge to present your business in the best way — reaching more local and international buyers who are ready to buy a business in South Australia. This ensures the best result for you.

Contact one of our business brokers

If you're thinking about selling your business in South Australia, please give us a call or contact us about how we can help you sell your business.

Because we're local, we can sit down together and work out the best plan for your business

Why Raine & Horne is the best choice for your business

We specialise in selling businesses

We help owners of operating businesses sell their business.

We are Local

We are Adelaide-based and we understand the South Australian market.

  • We attend every inspection anywhere in South Australia (this means buyers don't need to wait to see your business).
  • Repeat clients and referrals are the centre of our business.
  • Face-to-face meetings are quick and easy to organise.

Our Marketing System

We are experts in packaging and presenting your business to potential buyers.

  • The Raine & Horne Business Marketing System gives your business the best exposure, results in a faster smoother sale and the best price for your business.
  • Developed through 20 years' of experience, our Business Marketing System combines the best of progressive online marketing and traditional personal communication.
  • The system begins from the moment you contact us and continues right through to preparing the final sales contract.
  • It's a proven system that ensures the best outcome for your business.

Sales Database

Vital information is at our fingertips.

  • Past sales in our database help value your business accurately.
  • There are prospective buyers in our system who are ready to buy.

Community matters

Community matters to us.

  • We know that nearly every Australian has been touched by cancer: you, your friends or your family. That's why we donate a portion of every commission to Cancer Council Australia. This means the sale of your business also helps cancer research and support services.

Experience + Awards

We have been in business for over 20 years and keep being awarded for it.

  • Each staff member has at least 14 years' experience.
  • Experience = expertise: that means we know how to get the best result for you and can quickly deal with any issues that come up during your sale.
  • The industry recognises our expertise with seven prestigious Real Estate Industry (REI) of South Australia Business Broker of the Year awards and two REI of Australia Business Broker of the Year awards.

What is my business worth?

If you are interested in selling your business, you will need to have a clear idea of what it is worth.

There are two main ways to work out the value of a business: a business appraisal or a business valuation.

A business appraisal is a short and clear assessment of your business's value. An appraisal provides you with a value based on actual business performance and risks, and compares your business with other similar businesses.

For most people who are interested in selling their business, a business appraisal is all that's needed. Once you have supplied the information we need, it only takes a few days to complete.

Our business appraisals are provided in absolute confidence. You can purchase a business appraisal from Raine & Horne Business Sales whether or not we are acting as your agent.

Take the first step towards selling your business today.

A business or share valuation will give the same result as an appraisal, but a valuation provides all the details. It is a much longer and more complex document that is usually needed for legal reasons. Most people who are selling their business don't need a full valuation.

Read more about business and share valuations, when you may need one, and the different types available.

Helpful videos

Watching our videos is a quick way to answer many of your questions about buying a business.

How to calculate goodwill when selling a business

Goodwill is the value of a business over and above the value of the assets — it includes the name, structure, staff, brand recognition, customer base and more.

Most of the businesses we sell include an important goodwill component. It's helpful for both buyers and sellers to understand how goodwill is calculated.

How to improve the value of your business

The value of your business is determined by two important measures: risk and return.

Learn more about how these affect the value of your business.

Top 10 myths about buying and selling a business

Did you know that the size or turnover of a business doesn't determine its value? Or that value doesn't increase over time?

Simon Winter from Raine & Horne Business Sales breaks down these and other common myths about buying and selling a business.

What does a business broker do and how can they help?

Many people aren't sure what a business broker actually does!

This video explains what we do and how a Raine & Horne business broker can guide you through the process of buying or selling a business to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

When do I pay capital gains tax on the sale of a business?

What is capital gains tax? Do I need to pay capital gains tax? What concessions or exemptions can I receive?

Simon Winter, Principal of Raine & Horne Business Sales SA and recent winner of the Real Estate institute of Australia's Business Broker of the Year Award for 2015, answers your questions about capital gains tax.

Helpful articles

Raine & Horne Business Sales' own blog posts and published articles include lots of helpful information about different aspects of selling a business.

Helpful links

These links will take you to other websites with helpful information and services.


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Selling or closing your business

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