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Our business brokers share their extensive knowledge of buying, selling and valuing a business in helpful blog posts and short videos.

Why use a South Australian Business Broker?

If you were to look at this from the perspective of selling your home, you wouldn’t appoint an interstate agent to handle the sale for you, would you? So why would you trust your business, one of your greatest assets, to an interstate broker to sell?... Read more

| by Melanie Winter

Selling a business, Business brokers

Is it the right time for me to sell?

The right time to sell a business is often one of the most difficult decisions a business owner must make.... Read more

| by Tony Iasiello

Selling a business

Capital Gains Tax for Small Business

When is Capital Gains Tax applicable on a business sale?... Read more

| by Simon Winter

Selling a business

How to Increase the Value of Your Business

Sadly most vendors often have no idea what their business is really worth. They have no concept of the market and their perception of value is influenced by non market factors.... Read more

| by Simon Winter

Selling a business